How you'll learn

You’ve probably seen movies or TV shows about university lectures where a teacher stands up the front of the class and lectures, or even reads the lesson off slides.

That’s not our style.

Our faculty is at the forefront of a revolution in university teaching. We emphasise what’s known as ‘active learning’ over the traditional ‘didactic’ lecture. Before you come to class, you will watch lectures online or do assigned reading to familiarise yourself with key concepts. Then when you’re in class, you apply that knowledge through group-work, asking questions and testing your understanding.

We call it a flipped classroom. It emphasises critical thinking and analysis, and helps you to hone the communication, problem-solving and critical thinking skills you will need in practice.

Study after study suggests it’s a far more efficient way of learning, improving engagement as well as retention of information and even attendance.

Learning spaces

You’ll be studying at the university’s Parkville campus just minutes from Melbourne’s CBD. The campus has recently undergone a $75 million transformation and accommodates advanced learning spaces.


Pharmatopia is an online platform where students can encounter engaging problem-based, pharmacy training modules. The idea came about when we realised our single tableting machine (a device that creates the sort of tablets you find at a pharmacy) wasn’t enough for our hundreds of students, particularly  when new regulations came in that meant only teachers could use the machine.

So we decided to create an online machine, as well as an entire learning environment around it. Today Pharmatopia covers many different training modules and lets students get a practical understanding of the field no matter where they are on campus… or in the world, for that matter.

Find out more at the Pharmatopia page.


Pharmville is a fictional community that depicts people with real problems to provide undergraduate students with a sense of what pharmacy practice is really like. Each Pharmville character has a distinct social and cultural background, lifestyle and medical history and teaching staff can use Pharmville  to link theory with authentic situations, involving people, families and a typical Melbourne suburb.

Find out more about the program at the Pharmville page.


MyDispense is an online simulation of life as a pharmacist. We developed it here in the faculty and it is now used by pharmacy schools around the world.It gives you practice dispensing over 1500 medications to over 300 virtual patients.It takes you from from initial communication with the patient and  prescriber to the professional advice you give to patients as you hand them their medicines.At the end of each exercise, you’ll receive rich, contextual feedback on your dispensing performance.

Find out more about the program at our MyDispense page.