Who we look for

Pharmacy is a rewarding career, but it’s also a challenging and demanding one.

Think about the rows upon rows of medicines behind a pharmacy counter. A pharmacist needs to have an in-depth knowledge of what every single one of those products does, how it might be of benefit and how it might do potential harm.

And that’s just the scientific side of the job.

Consider the hundreds of customers that will visit that pharmacist each day, each one with a specific ailment and a particular way of dealing with it; a different approach to medicine, a different level of scientific understanding (if any), a different set of language skills. Some will need a little bit of help, many will need a lot.

A pharmacist’s technical knowledge needs to be matched by his or her communication skills. In the vast majority of cases, a pharmacist is dealing directly with people and, without the ability to convey information well, or to understand patients’ concerns, they are really just a repository of very important information.

So when we look for students to join our faculty, we seek those who are both academically able and willing to learn the ‘soft’ skills that are so vital for success in this profession. Not only communication, but teamwork, emotional empathy and the ability to make good judgements.

We want students who take satisfaction in helping others.

In turn, our pharmacy degrees will help you build both the technical and personal skills you need to excel as a pharmacist.

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