Rational Drug Design

For Year 12 Biology

This workshop explores the process of rational drug design and its importance in pharmaceutical sciences.  Students will learn about the action of antibiotic drugs and how drug resistance occurs.  This workshop also explore the development, action and role of Relenza (a project in which Monash University played a key role) and students will get to talk to current PhD students about their research and the key role they are playing in enhancing our medicines.


  • Monash University, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 381 Royal Parade, Parkville, 3052


  • At your school (we require a classroom with a projector and tables suitable for team work)


  • 1-2 hours


  • Best for maximum 25 students


  • Flexible with days and times, availability subject to room access at our Parkville campus

Curriculum content explored

It is recommended that students have familiarity with the below concepts prior to the workshop.

  • Rational drug design
  • The development of Relenza
  • Types of drugs
  • Antibiotics and antivirals
  • Antibiotic resistance
Interested?  Contact us to find out more or book in a workshop for your class.