Free VCE chemistry and biology development seminars

The Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is pleased to again support current VCE biology and chemistry students studying units 3 and 4. These lectures have been designed to reinforce each term's key learnings and will be delivered by qualified VCE teachers.

VCE Revision Lecture When and where 

The Unit 3 and Unit 4 VCE Revision Lectures will run during the Victorian school holidays. The dates for the 2018 revision lectures are below:

Unit 3 Biology - Tues 3 July
Unit 3 Chemistry - Thurs 5 July
Unit 4 Biology - Sat 22 Sept
Unit 4 Chemistry - Wed 26 Sept


Venue: Monash University, Parkville campus, 381 Royal Parade, Parkville 3052. Information on how to get to the Parkville campus.

Keep in touch

We'd love to stay in touch and let you know when the dates for the VCE Revision Lectures have been announced, so please join our mailing list and like our Facebook page for updates from the faculty.