Alistair Lloyd Scholarship for Excellence and Leadership winner

Alistair Lloyd Scholarship paves way for future leaders in pharmacy

Monash pharmacy student Amelia Miklavec is the recipient of the Alistair Amelia MiklavecLloyd Scholarship for Excellence and Leadership. Offered for the first time in 2015, the scholarship was established by the Faculty in recognition of Victorian College of Pharmacy graduate and past Foundation Chair, Alistair Lloyd AO RFD ED.

Valued at $10,000 per year, the Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding student with demonstrated leadership capabilities undertaking the Monash Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) / Master of Pharmacy degree. In the spirit of the philanthropist and pharmacy industry champion it is named for, the scholarship encourages students to achieve their full potential and make a real difference to people's lives and the future of pharmacy.

Amelia says that, while she had an interest in science and chemistry from high school, it was only after attending the Open Day events that she realised a career in pharmacy was what she wanted to do. “I loved the atmosphere on campus and after a lot of research and attending many university tours, one course stood out. A career in pharmacy made perfect sense – allowing me to pursue my passion in science in an area that can help improve people’s lives.”

Amelia was in total shock after being offered the scholarship. “I was incredibly delighted to be the recipient of the Alistair Lloyd Excellence and Leadership Scholarship. I’m very excited to see where this opportunity will take me! The scholarship will give me more time to further pursue leadership activities. It also gave me valuable insight into Mr Lloyd’s own achievements. The work he’s done throughout his career as a pharmacist is incredible, and it definitely inspires me to follow in his footsteps to achieve something amazing.”

Examples of Amelia’s leadership initiatives are driven by her desire to help others in her community and beyond. “I volunteered at my local Slovenian Church where I served meals to the elderly, which made me aware of how appreciative people can be for the little things. The most memorably satisfying experience was tutoring children and teenagers living in Office of Housing high-rise estates in Richmond. I also travelled to Bourke, in rural New South Wales, which is sadly known for its high crime and poverty rate. I felt privileged to have these volunteering opportunities and to form ongoing friendships with people from such diverse backgrounds. They gave me a new outlook on life and the broader world, and I also learned about myself.”  

As the Alistair Lloyd Scholarship recipient, Amelia is keen to find out and apply for the many leadership programs that the University has to offer, such as the Student Ambassador program or the Vice-Chancellor's Ancora Imparo Program, open to second-year students.

Alistair Lloyd sees pharmacists playing a vital role in the community, and hopes the scholarship that bears his name will encourage future leaders in the profession. "Over a long and rewarding career, I have had the privilege of being part of the continuous growth of our profession and witnessing the real-life impact it can have on the community," said Mr Lloyd. "I was awarded the Kodak Travelling Scholarship in 1957, which allowed me to travel and study overseas, gaining invaluable skills and knowledge that were instrumental for my professional future. I hope this scholarship gives promising young pharmacists the same opportunities I've had to pursue a fulfilling and worthwhile pharmacy career."

The Alistair Lloyd Scholarship paves way for future leaders in pharmacy. Amelia says she's ready for the demands of university life, and the scholarship provides valuable support and encouragement. " So far, the course has been quite a challenging one, but nevertheless interesting and inspiring. I’ve made so many new friends and I look forward to going to university every day. Juggling university, a part time job, and time to pursue our personal goals can be a hard task but this scholarship has made it much more realistic and doable. This scholarship has granted me the opportunity to complete my studies while still being able to continue to pursue any leadership-learning opportunities, which I am extremely appreciative of.”