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Monash University Australia's Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences offers two semester-long study abroad programs to give undergraduate students a competitive advantage to a career pathway in pharmacy or pharmaceutical science. Both options run from February to the end of June, so escape the northern hemisphere winter and enjoy living in the world's most liveable city, Melbourne.

Introduction to pharmacy

We offer students a taste of a career in pharmacy by offering them to the opportunity to complete the first semester of our first-in-Australia combined Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) / Master of Pharmacy degree.

In addition to the enabling chemistry and biology, the course has a strong focus on the clinical skills pharmacists need to provide effective patient care. Students will learn about how medicines work, how the body works and professional pharmacy practice.

Introduction to pharmaceutical science

Melbourne is one of the world’s foremost centres of pharmaceutical and biomedical research. Our Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science is explicitly designed to prepare students for careers in those fields. We offer a Study Abroad option for year one, semester one of the program.

Through a program that emphasises hands-on experimentation with industry-standard equipment, students will be introduced to the physiological basis of disease, learn the fundamentals of organic and physical chemistry, acquire skills in applying and interpreting the scientific method of inquiry, and interpreting scientific data.

Study in Australia's sporting and cultural capital

Both programs are offered at the Monash Parkville campus. Just minutes from Melbourne’s downtown, with excellent public transport links, Parkville is in the heart of Melbourne’s medical and biotechnology precinct.

Melbourne is renowned for its cultural and sporting life, with a slate of festivals and international sporting fixtures, a vibrant restaurant and café culture, and an internationally renowned arts and live music scene.

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