Transcript for 'Study pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences at Monash University' video

Voiceover: Welcome to the faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Monash University, where research, education, innovation and location all combine to give you excellent career opportunities.

Victoria Oliver: I chose to follow a research career because I'm genuinely passionate about furthering our collective knowledge. I find it so rewarding being a part of something that directly contributes to progress, particularly if that progress is directed towards improving human health. The undergraduate degree I did was a Bachelor of Medicinal Chemistry here at Monash. The best part of the course was that it provided you with some really hands-on experience in what it would be like in a real research lab.

Ken Margo: This course in particular has so much scope. It's not just pharmaceutics; you get to work in agriculture and cosmetics, well, you have the potential to work in those fields. And I just thought, you know, at this time I should really diversify my options and this course just, straight out, jumped out.

Voiceover: At Monash Parkville our world class graduates are making a real difference to global health care and quality of life.

Sharlina Lingam: Clinical pharmacy is definitely something I find extremely interesting. There's new challenges on a day-to-day basis. You get a lot of patients who come in who have been on a medication for a really long time and sometimes it's very rewarding when you give them that key piece of information that they just didn't know about a medication and suddenly they're like "Wow, you just made my day!".

Viki Lui: I had the privilege of travelling overseas as an Australian Youth Ambassador. I travelled to Fiji where I was based in Suva as a public health pharmacist.

Victoria Oliver: Monash has a very good reputation for being very academic and very nurturing of all their students.

Gemma Nassta: What I like about Monash Parkville is that it is a small campus so you know everyone around, you know your lecturers, they know your name, so it's not just 'student'-'teacher', they actually know who you are.

Sharlina Lingam: At the start I was a little bit worried because it was a much smaller uni than, say, Clayton campus, but I found that to actually be a huge advantage.

Gemma Nassta: And it's just beneficial to have that closeness with the lecturer. I feel like I learn more and I understand more because they're expecting stuff of us as well.

Voiceover: Our purpose-designed courses offer fantastic practical experiences, equipping you for a variety of jobs in a wide range of industries.

Victoria Oliver: The fact that Monash had developed this course specifically because there was a need for graduates with these skills gave me a lot of confidence that I would gain good job prospects at the end of it.