Our philosophy

We are committed to excellence and innovation in education and research.

We are an international leader in pharmacy and pharmaceutical science education, producing graduates with exceptional knowledge, skills and values.

Our students graduate as exemplary professionals with the skills as well as insights necessary to become leaders.

Our supportive culture nurtures the development of collaborative ventures, infrastructure and training, which promote cutting-edge advances in pharmaceutical science and medicines.

Learning approach

Inspiring students to become leaders in their profession requires an innovative approach to learning. Our approach is forward-thinking and set in an educational environment that encourages creative ideas.

Our education programs encourage students to become active learners. Our teachers are active researchers, who benefit from purpose-designed facilities that redefine the possibilities of learning outcomes.

Our active approach to learning embraces fundamental elements that benefit students directly, such as the embedding of meaningful feedback for continual self-improvement, the development of self-awareness and a dedication to developing the skills needed for lifelong learning.

Learning environments and technologies

The faculty is committed to providing world-class learning environments and technologies for students and staff.

We recently invested $75 million to redevelop teaching laboratories and build practice environments for students to develop skills in pharmacy practice and the pharmaceutical sciences.

Sharing and collaborating

The faculty is strongly committed to internal and external collaborations. Evidence of our belief in the value of partnerships includes:

  • the development of Pharmatopia, which currently extends to 12 leading international pharmacy schools and a collaborative program with GlaxoSmithKline for skills development and training
  • hosting the biennial Pharmacy Education Symposium in Prato, Italy, which creates opportunities for pharmacy educators to explore teaching and learning
  • the development of SABER (Sharing and Building Education Resources), a global open educational resource service for pharmacy and allied disciplines
  • contributing to the National Alliance of Pharmacy Education, which provides internship and postgraduate education.