What we do

D4 research teams investigate the vital relationships between drug delivery systems, biological systems, drug dose and mode of delivery, the subsequent patterns of drug disposition (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion) and the impact of these interactions on therapeutic activity.

D4 research programs are founded on excellence in both fundamental and applied research. These programs attract substantial support from the Australian Research Council, the National Health and Medical Research Council, the US National Institutes of Health and other international funding agencies.

D4 research is undertaken with key industry partners, including biotechnology companies, large pharmaceutical companies and leading research institutions.

Technical expertise

D4 comprises staff from interdisciplinary backgrounds, combining expertise in a diverse array of complementary fields:

  • pharmaceutical sciences
  • physical chemistry
  • analytical chemistry
  • materials science and engineering
  • polymer design, synthesis and characterisation
  • self-assembly
  • biopharmaceutics
  • pharmacometrics
  • cell and molecular biology
  • microbiology

D4 comprises research groups working in the following areas:

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