Research areas

Drug delivery

The design and formulation of medicines are critical to the success of drug therapy—so drugs can be given safely and effectively by the desired route of administration. Timing, duration of action, and targeting of therapeutic effect are important factors to consider. 


Nanomedicine—the application of nanomaterials in clinical medicine—is poised to revolutionise health care worldwide. Nanomedicine encompasses a broad range of new technologies in diagnostics and therapeutics that have in common their colloidal dimensions—typically 5 to 1000 nm.

Cell and molecular biology

Knowledge of the intracellular distribution of drugs is in its infancy, but is likely to reveal new insights and understanding of drug actions and drug metabolism.

Anti-infective agents

The World Health Organization has identified antimicrobial resistance as one of the three greatest threats to human health. Unfortunately, many large pharmaceutical companies have discontinued their antibiotic discovery and development programs.