Powder technologies, micro-particulates and oral drug delivery

Many modern medicines are formed using fine powders. Developments in fine powder mechanics and intelligent particle engineering are delivering better medicines and enhanced drug delivery. A good example of this is inhaled drug delivery.

By investigating powder structures and the mechanisms of tablet formation, D4 has produced engineered systems with dramatically enhanced performance. Recent examples include new opportunities for high dose tablet formulations containing low levels of multifunctional excipients.

Similarly, new insights from our research have been used to show the influence of powder structures on the dissolution of poorly water-soluble drugs. This work helps formulate such drugs for more effective delivery, including orally.

D4's research explores cutting-edge technologies for novel particle engineering and surface structure modification, including mechanofusion and droplet-to-particle methodologies. These innovative platforms have been shown to substantially improve the flow, fluidisation and dispersion characteristics of fine cohesive powders.

D4's research laboratories have state-of-the-art analytical capabilities, such as powder intrusion, advanced 3D optical particle characterisation and powder rheometry for probing material properties. The establishment of the Australian Centre of Pharmaceutical Innovation—a partnership between MIPS and GlaxoSmithKline Australia—is testimony to D4's excellence in translational research.

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