Design, synthesis, assembly and function of nanomedicines and diagnostic agents

Critical to the development of nanomedicines is an increased understanding of the fundamental science at the interface of engineered nanomaterials and biological systems. This will enable translation to the design of delivery systems and devices for addressing a multitude of clinical problems.

Researchers within D4 and the ARC Centre of Excellence in Convergent Bio-Nano Science and Technology seek the rational design and synthesis of new multimodal nanomaterials for applications in medicine. These nanomaterials will offer early detection and diagnosis of disease states, as well as novel treatments. Ideally, these theranostic (therapeutic/diagnostic) nanomaterials will combine an imaging/tracking modality to signal and identify a disease state, and confirm the targeted delivery of an appropriate therapeutic. Potential therapeutic agents include small molecule drugs, radiopharmaceuticals and biological therapeutics.

D4's research in this field aims to systematically manipulate the size, shape and surface properties of these structures to optimise nanoparticle behaviour across a range of applications, including inhalable and injectable therapies.

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