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Dr Natalie Trevaskis

Drug Delivery, Disposition and Dynamics
Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Phone: + 61 3 990 39708


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Every day I wake up and think that today might be the day that my group or another group of scientists at MIPS discovers something that substantially advances human health. What could be more exciting than being a part of that?

Dr Trevaskis is developing novel chaperones to direct drugs to sites of action. The chaperones maximize drug efficacy and minimize harmful side effects due to uncontrolled drug disposition to off-target sites. Using these chaperones she aims to provide solutions for diseases promoted by obesity such  as  heart disease, diabetes, immune disease and cancer. The lymphatic system plays a major role in these diseases, as such chaperones to direct drugs to the lymphatics are a core focus. Outside the lab Dr Trevaskis loves to play with her two young sons and has a passion for long distance running.

Recent media items

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Selected recent publications

Han S, Quach T, Hu L, Wahab A, Charman WN, Stella VI, Trevaskis NL, Simpson JS, Porter CJH. Targeted delivery of a model immunomodulator to the lymphatic system: Comparison of alkyl ester versus triglyceride mimetic lipid prodrug strategies J Control. Rel. 2014;177:1-10.

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