Cellular biology

Cellular biology

Many projects within DDB utilise advanced cellular biology approaches to understand cellular signal transduction processes—including their regulation, the subcellular compartmentalisation of signalling, and the modulation of signalling by endogenous and synthetic substances.

Our projects involve cell population-based studies, single cell analysis and stem cell pharmacology.


Research laboratories

Analytical & Structural Neuropharmacology Cancer & Neural-Immune Regulation
Dr Celine Valant Dr David Thal Prof Arthur Christopoulos   A/Prof Erica Sloan
Cardiac GPCR Pharmacology Cellular & Molecular Metabolism
Dr Lauren May A/Prof Paul White    Prof Mark Febbraio
Endocrine & Neuropharmacology Heart Failure Pharmacology
Dr Katie Leach Dr Karen Gregory    Prof Rebecca Ritchie
Integrated Neurogenic Mechanisms Male Reproductive Pharmacology
Dr Simona Carbone Dr Daniel Poole Dr Nicholas Veldhuis   Dr Sab Ventura Dr Betty Exintaris
Metabolic GPCR Biology Molecular & Translational Drug Discovery
Prof Patrick Sexton A/Prof Denise Wootten    Dr Chris Langmead
Receptor Transducer CouplingSpatial Organisation of SignallingStem Cell Biology
Dr Sebastian Furness Dr Michelle Halls Dr John Haynes