Chemical biology

Chemical biology

Chemical Biology at DDB sits at the interface of biology and medicinal/synthetic chemistry. It uses small-molecule probes to interrogate specific biomolecular targets and pathways that are modulated by the particular probe.

Numerous projects focus on small molecules as novel allosteric modulators and/or signal pathway-biased ligands, either as unique biological tools or potential therapeutic hits/leads. These approaches are guided by our world-class expertise in analytical pharmacology and by close collaboration with the medicinal chemists at MIPS.


Research laboratories

Analytical & Structural Neuropharmacology Cardiac GPCR Biology
Dr Celine Valant Dr David Thal Prof Arthur Christopoulos   Dr Lauren May A/Prof Paul White
Endocrine & Neuropharmacology Integrated Neurogenic Mechanisms
Dr Katie Leach Dr Karen Gregory   Dr Simona Carbone Dr Daniel Poole Dr Nicholas Veldhuis
Male Reproductive Pharmacology Metabolic GPCR Biology
Dr Sab Ventura Dr Betty Exintaris    Prof Patrick Sexton A/Prof Denise Wootten
Molecular & Translational Drug Discovery Receptor Transducer Coupling
Dr Chris Langmead     Dr Sebastian Furness