Structural biology

Structural biology

The DDB structural biology groups aim to understand the structure of macromolecules including G protein-coupled receptors, and how modifying this structure affects macromolecule function.

Our structural biology work encompasses a diverse array of mutational, molecular modelling, biophysical, crystallographic, cryo-electron microscopy and NMR studies. These aim to yield insights into the structure, function and dynamics of receptor proteins.


Research laboratories

Analytical & Structural NeuropharmacologyCardiac GPCR Pharmacology
Dr Celine Valant Dr David Thal Prof Arthur Christopoulos   Dr Lauren May A/Prof Paul White
Endocrine & NeuropharmacologyMetabolic GPCR Biology
Dr Katie Leach Dr Karen Gregory    Prof Patrick Sexton A/Prof Denise Wootten
Molecular & Translational Drug DiscoveryReceptor Transducer Coupling
Dr Chris Langmead     Dr Sebastian Furness