Translational science

Systems pharmacology

Research groups within DDB augment cell-based pharmacology with pre-clinical studies utilising native tissues and in vivo models of disease.

We have active collaborations with the pharmaceutical industry to identify novel drug targets and to test potential lead compounds, while the relationships between drug action, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics are evaluated in collaboration with the Centre for Drug Candidate Optimisation at MIPS.


Research laboratories

Analytical NeuropharmacologyCancer & Neural-Immune Regulation
Dr Celine Valant Prof Arthur Christopoulos   A/Prof Erica Sloan
Cardiac GPCR PharmacologyCellular & Molecular Metabolism
Dr Lauren May A/Prof Paul White   Prof Mark Febbraio
Male Reproductive PharmacologyMetabolic GPCR Biology
Dr Sab Ventura Dr Betty Exintaris   Prof Patrick Sexton A/Prof Denise Wootten
Molecular & Translational Drug Discovery
Dr Chris Langmead