Neuropsychiatric disease

Neuropsychiatric diseaseMental illness represents the leading cause of disability burden in Australia. Given an ageing population and the ongoing demands of the modernlifestyle, the incidence of neuropsychiatric disease is on the rise.

Unfortunately, the attrition rate associated with novel drug discovery for central nervous system (CNS) disorders is unacceptably high. This reflects the difficulty in understanding and treating diseases such asschizophrenia, anxiety and depression, which are complex and polygenic in nature.

DDB's studies focus on understanding how modulation of G protein-coupled receptor targets in the CNS can provide new insights into mechanisms underlying neuropsychiatric disease—in particular deficits associated with schizophrenia—and identify novel therapeutic modalities.

Lab head

Lab name

Research areas

Professor Patrick Sexton

Metabolic G protein-coupled receptor group

metabolic and endocrine disorders, neuropsychiatric disease, allosteric modulation, biased agonism, structural biology, chemical biology, integrated pharmacology, receptor trafficking, compartmentalised signaling

Professor Arthur Christopoulos

G protein-coupled receptor allosteric modulation and drug targeting

neuropsychiatric diseases, metabolic and endocrine disorders, cardiovascular disease, allosteric modulation, drug discovery, chemical biology, schizophrenia, alzheimer’s disease, structural biology, biased agonism

Dr Karen Gregory

Class C GPCR biology

neuropsychiatric diseases, schizophrenia, alzheimer's disease, allosteric modulation, neuronal culture, cell signalling, chemical biology, structural biology, dimerization, mutagenesis

Dr John Haynes

Stem cell biology laboratory

Parkinson's disease, neuro inflammation, neuro degeneration, neuro psychiatric disease, neuro development, renal disease, alport syndrome, cardiovascular disease

Dr Rob Lane

Dopamine receptor pharmacology

neuro psychiatric disease, parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, allosteric modulation, biased agonism

Dr Chris Langmead

Servier program in drug discovery - molecular and translational drug discovery

neuro psychiatric disease, inflammation, metabolic and endocrine disorders, drug discovery, orphan G protein-coupled receptors, high-throughout screening, hits-to-leads, translational biology, high content imaging, biased agonism

Dr Celine Valant

Muscarinic receptors group

neuro psychiatric disorders, asthma/COPD, endogenous and synthetic allosteric modulators, GPCRs