Health services

Development & evaluation

CMUS covers all sectors of the health system. It examines preventive, acute and chronic care in the primary, hospital and aged care sectors, where delivering medicines safely, effectively and cost-efficiently is paramount.

We investigate how people access medicines, medication management services, the cost of care, and patient outcomes. Our goals are to identify the most effective ways to organise, manage, finance and deliver high quality medication management and patient safety.

Our key research expertise and interests focus on:

  1. medicine use and safety in:
    • preventive healthcare
    • acute healthcare
    • aged care
    • transitions of care (for example, from hospital to home)
    • chronic disease management
  2. health service delivery, relating to:
    • pharmacy workforce redesign and development
    • multidisciplinary models of care
    • e-health (electronic medication management)
    • non-medical prescribing

Principal investigator