Pharmacy education

Quality education for health professionals is central to better health outcomes. Pharmacy education research is therefore fundamental to improving healthcare.

The ability to address current and emerging issues in pharmacy education has made CMUS researchers leaders in innovative education. We use research to enhance pharmacy education outcomes at all stages of lifelong learning.

We collaborate with key local, national and international stakeholders, including partner universities and professional and government bodies—to identify pharmacy education needs, develop strategies, improve outcomes and implement evaluation plans.

We lead and encourage international researchers in sharing educational resources. The Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences convenes a regular international forum where current educational developments and research are showcased and debated.

Research focus

  • develop and use new technology, including virtual worlds, to teach pharmacy to students with different levels of experience and expertise
  • improve education outcomes by designing and delivering contemporary undergraduate and postgraduate courses
  • develop and implement new models for e-learning, distance education and inter-professional learning
  • explore issues surrounding competency-based assessment

Principal investigator