Project updates

Guiding principles for future professional practice

This symposium conducted on 4thDecember 2014, used the principles contained within the Vision statement Building upon pharmacists' practice in Australia – A Vision for the Profession to evaluate a number of postulated models of pharmacists' future practice. The Vision statement, which has been endorsed by all of Australia's major pharmacist organisations, identifies ten principal Functions performed by pharmacists and eight Enabling factors critical to pharmacists strengthening their current professional roles.

PM session8

In this symposium, four scenarios of future practice which incorporate to varying degrees the Functions listed in the Vision statement, were evaluated in an initial round of workshops using a number of Enabling factors described in the Vision statement. Concepts and ideas relating to each Enabling factor were then consolidated and developed further in a second round of workshops with the purpose being to develop a work plan in relation to each Enabling factors.

PM session17 

The work plans facilitate development of models of practice aligned with the Vision statement and inform future activities of Project Pharmacist.

The Australian Pharmacist Workforce Summit

This invitation based summit was conducted jointly with the Australian Pharmacy Liaison Forum on Friday 26th June 2015 at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Monash University. The purpose of the Summit was to consider the pharmacist workforce in all areas of practice with the aim of reaching consensus as to the major issues affecting pharmacists having sustainable and rewarding professional roles which contribute to the health of the Australian population. The Summit also aimed to determine the data that needs to be gathered and maintained to enable pharmacist workforce issues to be monitored and addressed for the future.

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