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Edwin Tan

Centre for Medicine Use and Safety
Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Tel:  +61-(0)3-9903 9244
Fax: +61-(0)3-9903 9629
Email: edwin.tan@monash.edu
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Pharmacy research offers many exciting opportunities; the idea that research can change practice and make a difference to the way we manage people's health really appeals to me.

Edwin is a pharmacist and researcher who is passionate about improving the health of individuals. His research interests are in public health, pharmacoepidemiology, interprofessional collaboration and cognitive health and ageing. He is currently investigating the pharmacological management of comorbidities  in  people  with dementia. Aside from research, Edwin's other interests include cartooning, writing and travel.

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Selected recent publications

Tan ECK, Visvanathan R, Hilmer SN, Vitry AI, Quirke T, Emery T, Robson L, Sheldrick S, Reeve E,  Gnjidic D, Bell JS. Analgesic load, pain and daytime sedation in people with and without dementia in aged care facilities: a cross-sectional, multisite, epidemiological study protocol. BMJ Open  2014;4:e005757.  doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2014-005757

Tan ECK, Elliott RA, Stewart K, George J. Improving osteoporosis management in general practice: a pharmacist-led drug use evaluation program. Drugs Aging 2014;31:703-709

Tan ECK, Stewart K, Elliott RA, George J. Pharmacist services provided in general practice clinics: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Res Social Adm Pharm 2014; 10(4):608–622

Tan ECK, Stewart K, Elliott RA, George J. Pharmacist consultations in general practice clinics: the Pharmacists in Practice Study (PIPS). Res Social Adm Pharm 2014;10(4): 623–632

Tan ECK, Stewart K, Elliott RA, et al. Stakeholder experiences with general practice pharmacist services: a qualitative study. BMJ Open 2013;3:e003214. doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2013-003214

Tan ECK, Stewart K, Elliott RA, George J. An exploration of the role of pharmacists within general practice clinics: the protocol for the Pharmacists in Practice Study (PIPS). BMC: Health Services Research 2012;12(1):246