Rohan Elliott

Rohan Elliott

Centre for Medicine Use and Safety
Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Clinical Senior Lecturer
Phone: 9903 9794
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With an ageing population and increasing complexity of drug therapy, the prevalence of adverse medication events is increasing. Effective strategies to improve medication safety in older people are needed, and pharmacists have much to contribute.

Rohan is a clinician-researcher. He is a senior pharmacist at Austin Health and clinical senior lecturer at Monash University. His area of research is medicine use and safety in older people. Over more than 20 years Rohan has practised and conducted research in hospital, community and residential aged care settings. His research has included developing and evaluating strategies to improve appropriateness of prescribing, simplify complex medication regimens, improve medication management and enhance continuity of medication management during care transitions.

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Selected recent publications

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