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Centre for Medicine Use and Safety
Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
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I am doing research in emergency contraception because despite its availability without a prescription from pharmacies, women continue to face barriers to its access. Improved access to this drug will help decrease Australia's abortion rate, which is alarmingly the third highest of developed countries.

Safeera's research focuses on emergency contraception (EC) and has led to national policy and practice change in this field. She is known for her work defining pharmacists' knowledge, attitudes and skills in EC and was recently awarded with a Faculty seed grant to explore barriers to accessing this  life-saving  drug  that helps prevent unwanted pregnancies. Safeera is also an award winning educator, having received a Faculty Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning, and Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching Citation, for her scholarly approach to communication teaching  and  learning.  In addition to EC research, Safeera loves anything Bollywood.

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Selected recent publications

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