Gong Chen

Dr Gong Chen

Dr Gong Chen

Research Officer, Biopharmaceutics Section
Centre for Drug Candidate Optimisation (CDCO)
Tel: +61 3 990 39045
Email: gong.chen@monash.edu
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Gong Chen is a Research Officer with the Biopharmaceutics Section of the Centre for Drug Candidate Optimisation (CDCO). He completed his undergraduate degree in Pharmacology at Shanghai Medical University, China and his Ph.D. in Biopharmaceutical Science at University of Otago, New Zealand. Gong served  as  a  postdoctoral fellow at the Monash Institute of Pharmacy (MIPS) before joining the CDCO in 2011. He specializes in the areas of preclinical pharmacokinetics and ADME lead optimization. Gong's role involves performing in vitro and in vivo ADME studies for preclinical drug candidates. He is passionate  about  his  work and considers completing his doctoral studies and working within MIPS as his major achievements. Gong looks forward to expanding his expertise in biopharmaceutical science. Outside of work Gong loves to spend time with his wife and two children.


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