Rahul Patil

Dr Rahul Patil

Dr Rahul Patil

Research Scientist, Chem-Analytical Section
Centre for Drug Candidate Optimisation (CDCO)
Email: Rahul.patil@monash.edu
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Rahul Patil is a Research Scientist within the Chem-Analytical Section of the Centre for Drug Candidate Optimisation (CDCO). He completed his Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry at Monash University and joined the CDCO in early 2015. Prior to undertaking his Ph.D., Rahul worked in the pharmaceutical industry  in  various R&D roles in India for nine years, bringing with him experience in DMPK and bioanalysis. His role at the centre focusses on the areas of LCMS method development, metabolite identification and quantitative bioanalysis. Outside of work his interests include table tennis, cricket and watching  movies.


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Rahul Patil, Aisha Laguerre, Jerome Wielens, Stephen J. Headey, Martin L. Williams, Maria Hughes, Biswaranjan Mohanty, Christopher J. H. Porter, Martin J. Scanlon.Characterization of Two Distinct Modes of Drug Binding to Human Intestinal Fatty Acid Binding Protein ACS Chem. Biol. 2014,9,2526-2534;DOI:10.1021/cb5005178

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