Drug drug interactions

Determining the potential for inhibition/induction of cytochrome P450 (CYP450) enzymes has become a major focus of regulatory agencies worldwide, due to the potential for these processes to produce serious adverse drug-drug interactions.

CDCO has developed and validated a range of in vitro reversible and time-dependent inhibition assays to assess the potential in vivo interactions with drug metabolising enzymes. Study designs are tailored to fit the stage of the discovery program.

Research platforms include:

  • CYP450 inhibition using specific substrates in liver microsomes or recombinant CYP enzymes
  • time-dependent inhibition/mechanism-based inhibition
  • in vivo enzyme induction (rat/mouse)
  • in vivo CYP inhibition (rat/mouse)
  • in vivo interaction with concomitant therapy (rat/mouse)