The Faculty Research Award

This Award is presented to a senior researcher in recognition of having made a sustained and outstanding contribution to the Faculty's research. This award reflects excellence in the application knowledge to any aspect of the Faculty's research.

2016 Benjamin Boyd

Ben has built a national and international reputation for high quality research in the fields of colloid and surface science, and the application of fundamental science to solve pharmaceutical problems. He has pioneered the use of new techniques in his field, and has a talent for identifying creative ways to apply physicochemical phenomena in drug delivery.

Ben’s productivity over several years has been outstanding, and has been accelerating in recent years. He has published over 60 papers since 2014, the majority of which he submitted as corresponding author directly from his research group. Many of these publications are in leading journals in his field. This is a remarkable achievement which reflects Ben’s skill and leadership in building a highly productive research group. The group has momentum, continues to grow and I expect that Ben will continue to be as productive.
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2015 Professor Nigel Bunnett

Nigel Bunnett has devoted his research career to the understanding of the mechanisms of inflammation and pain.  In 2015 as the recipient of the Faculty Research Award, Nigel is highly revered in his field with over 260 research publications and 31 reviews with over 20,000 citations.  Nigel is a current NHMRC Australia Fellow maintaining a broad and diverse research funding (NHMRC Program Grant, Project Grants; ARC Funding Schemes and the collaborative partnership with Takeda).  He has a high profile international scientific and clinical research reputation and the faculty congratulates him as an exemplary researchers, a research leader and a generous mentor and collaborator.
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2014 Professor Jian Li

In 2014 when he received this award, Jian Li had been at the forefront of polymyxin pharmacology and the design of novel lipopeptides against Gram-negative 'superbugs' for 15 years.  Jian has a major track-record in his field with 140 publications; 3300 citations; and an h-index of 30.  His contributions have also be recognised and rewarded with national (e.g. NHMRC/ARC) and international (e.g. NIH) grants; with 2 recent NIH grants of USD$13M.  Jian is also a key member of the NIH/NIAID Colistin Working Group: and the planning group of the International Society of Anti-infective Pharmacology.
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2013 Professor Ray Norton

2013 recipient, Professor Ray Norton was recognised by his peers and the selection committee for his place at the forefront of biomolecular NMR and its application for over 25 years. Ray is highly revered in his field with over 290 publications, 7500 citations and an h-index of 45. Since joining Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, he has established a lab with a team of 20 researchers and received 5 NHMRC grants, a NIH grant and an ARC Linkage grant. His research has played a major role in the translation of the biology of a ShK analogue for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) into clinical trials. Ray has a compelling vision for fragment-based drug design and the optimisation of peptides as therapeutics.
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2012 Professor Patrick Sexton

Professor Patrick Sexton is the Theme Leader, Drug Discovery Biology. When he received this award in 2012, his reputation as an international leader in understanding allosteric interactions of GPCRs; ligand-directed signal bias; and Family B GPCR structure-functions was further reinforced. Since 2007, Patrick has published 81 publications and attracted $31M in research funding. He is acknowledged across his profession as a generous contributor of ideas and time to his colleagues and as a major innovator and thought-leader.
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2011 Professor Arthur Christopoulos

Professor Arthur Christopoulos received the award in 2011 his fundamental contributions in applying analytical pharmacology to study allosteric modulation of GPCR and functional selectivity (ligand biased-signalling). His research as helped define the field and he is ranked within the top 1-2% of scientists within the field of pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences.
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2009 Professor Roger Nation

In 2009 when he received this award, Roger Nation had established an international, high-impact reputation for his work with colistin as an antibiotic treatment particularly against multidrug-resistant, "superbug" bacteria.
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2007 Professor Chris Porter

Professor Chris Porter is highly regarded by his peers within the international pharmaceutical science community. His record of achievements is exceptional, including winning the Faculty Research Award in 2007 for his research on the fundamentals of how drugs are absorbed and distributed to their sites of action. Chris' work aims to develop drug delivery systems to enhance clinical utility.
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2005 Professor Susan Charman

In 2005 when she received this award, Susan Charman had achieved major international recognition, particularly in the fight against multi-drug resistant malaria. A particular highlight at the time, was her work on the new synthetic drug OZ277 which was published in Nature, and human-based clinical trials of this highly effective anti-malarial were underway.
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