Core concepts in pharmaceutical sciences education

Are you interested in the combination of pharmaceutical science, teaching and learning?

This project is part of an international project led by the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and endorsed by the International Union of Pharmacologists. The project aims to identify the core concepts of pharmacology and other pharmaceutical science disciplines that all students should attain before they graduate. The explosion of knowledge in pharmaceutical sciences has made the task of choosing what to learn almost impossible for students and for educators. An international team with leaders from Australia, the USA, United Kingdom, Africa and South America are working to identify those big ideas that are challenging and critical for students to understand and apply 3-5 years after they graduate.

Key research questions are: What are the core concepts? How can we tell for sure if someone knows these concepts? Do current graduates understand and apply them correctly? How can educators help student to attain these concepts? The project for a PhD or Honours student would be to work with hundreds of international educators and students to work with to produce questions that test some of the core concepts our international group has identified - tests that can be used by students and teachers all over the world.

The project would involve surveys, data mining, qualitative data analysis and development of multiple choice questions. The project would provide a student with the skills and experience to move into a career as an education focused academic or educational designer.