Magnetic Liquid Metal Nanoformulations for the treatment of drug-resistant bacteria, cancers and cardiovascular diseases.

Liquid metal nanoparticles have emerged as a promising nanostructured material for biomedical applications thanks to their biocompatible property and unique liquid state at body temperature. We have recently developed a new generation of liquid metal nanoparticles with a magnetic property. The magnetic liquid metal nanoparticles (MLMN) have star-shape with sharp edges and can spin under the magnetic field.

This project aims to exploit the new and unique property of MLMN to address significant challenges in the treatment of bacterial infection, cancers and cardiovascular diseases. This goal can be achieved by combining MLMN with tradition lipid-based formulations currently available in the clinic to form an innovative magnetic liquid metal nanoformulation.

Drug-resistant bacteria, cancers and cardiovascular diseases are major threats to human, and therefore, the development of innovative solutions are urgently needed. Several PhD positions are opened to develop novel magnetic liquid metal nanoformulations to treat bacterial infection or cancers or cardiovascular diseases.

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