Novel calcium sensing receptor allosteric modulators for the treatment of endocrine and respiratory disorders

Allosteric modulation of the calcium-sensing receptor (CaSR) is an important therapeutic strategy in the treatment of hyperparathyroidism, and is a putative approach to treating osteoporosis, asthma and calcium handling disorders. The current project therefore seeks to develop chemical tools and putative drugs to study bias, allostery and putative drug efficacy in such disease.

Interdisciplinary Research

The candidate will embark on interdisciplinary research encompassing (i) synthetic medicinal  chemistry of compound libraries of potential allosteric modulators of the calcium-sensing receptor, (ii) molecular modelling and computational analyses of current and prospective compounds targetting this receptor system and (ii) the comprehensive pharmacological evaluation of the allosteric properties associated with target compounds. The supervisory team will consist of Drs Katie Leach & Karen Gregory (pharmacology), Dr Irina Kufareva (molecular modelling) and Dr Ben Capuano (medicinal chemistry).