Student attainment and awareness of skill development within pharmacy and pharmaceutical science degree programs

Student success is enhanced when learning promotes the use of long-term, more effective strategies: approaches that ensure knowledge and skills are attained with a view to their future relevance, rather than as a means to an end (exam performance and the like).

To achieve these aims, students need support as they develop strategies around self-regulation and master the skills that underpin an awareness of their current learning needs, while trialling and perfecting a range of effective behaviours to achieve their learning goals.

This project will use qualitative and quantitative research methods to:
1)evaluate the effectiveness of the instructional resources and practices used to enhance student self-efficacy, motivation and engagement;
2)determine student perceptions and awareness of, and their ability to communicate their knowledge and skill competencies;
3)assess student performance indicators with regards to outcomes such as long-lasting learning and skill mastery.

Enhanced research experiences