About us

Research with impact is a critical element of our approach at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (FPPS). Our pharmaceutical researchers are making medicines ‘better by design’. Our practice-based researchers are investigating impacts of these developments in the workplace. Our educational researchers are working with educators training the next generation of healthcare and pharmaceutical science experts to improve human health worldwide.

Educational research is necessary to answer the key research questions we must address to ensure world class teaching and learning. It provides the critical evidence-base our research-intensive approach demands of us when developing and refining cutting edge teaching.

Our vision

We approach our curricula as a team of scholars and leaders of educational excellence. Our educational research and innovations are the result of our collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to research excellence and advancement. To emphasise this, we have customised our faculty philosophy. “Better graduates by design” means that our students will be educated using the evidence-based approaches so that they can go forth and make a difference in the local and global communities we serve. The use of educational research, combined with deliberate upskilling of our teaching staff, will enable us to continue to be "better educators by design".

Focusing on our vision, we identify the ways students learn and guide them to the most effective, efficient, and sustainable strategies that promote the ongoing success.

Our goals

We contribute to the educational research community through presentation of educational innovations, exchange of instructional evidence, and presentation and publication of peer-reviewed research. Our goal is to create new knowledge that supports our local educators and learners and to disseminate this knowledge widely for the benefit of others. Further to this, we will build capacity in faculty staff as educators, leaders, and educational scholars – creating a community of scholarly educators who are successful in winning external funding for this work. We aim to become impactful on the international stage in one or more of our research priority areas.

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