Research with impact

Every day, MIPS researchers dedicate their time to investigating and designing better medicines. Our research is changing lives, not just in Australia but around the world.

Our many successes are the result of our collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to research excellence, our better drugs by design philosophy and our determination to make a difference to the broad community we serve.

Read how our research is benefitting you and people everywhere.

Increasing access to medicines and vaccines

MIPS is a part of an international effort to address important unmet medical needs in developing countries. View the videos of discussions held at the United Nations in April, 2014.

Relenza tames flu for the first time

Helping to bring to market a drug that tamed influenza, one of humanity's biggest killers, ranks among Monash pharmaceutical scientists' proudest achievements.

Europe's Servier backs our drug discovery expertise

Leading European drug maker Les Laboratoires Servier has signed a major collaborative agreement with us to exploit our expertise in drug discovery and G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), the largest drug-target family in the human genome.

From sea creature to multiple sclerosis treatment

We're helping to turn a toxin found in sea anemones into a promising multiple sclerosis treatment.

Leading the search for new cancer drugs

Our researchers are collaborating with local and international colleagues to identify new treatments for cancer.

Improving our last weapon against superbugs

New dosing guidelines, which our researchers helped developed, are turning a last line of defence against highly resistant superbugs into a more effective antibiotic.

PEGylated dendrimers: a novel mechanism of drug delivery

Our researchers helped develop a nanosized drug delivery system that can target not just the bloodstream but the lymphatic system, where many cancers are spread and more effectively treated.

Big deal for Acrux's low-testosterone treatment

Acrux, a Monash spin-off, signed one of the biggest licensing deals in Australian biotech history in 2010 for its testosterone replacement therapy.

Our malaria research wins more international acclaim

Our researchers are members of several award-winning international teams, exploring new ways to treat this devastating tropical disease and control the mosquito-borne parasite that causes it.

High praise for our efforts to save lives at birth

US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton praised our research into delivering an old drug more effectively and cheaply to save mothers' lives after childbirth.

Innovative MIPS/GSK partnership bears fruit

Work by our Australian Centre of Pharmaceutical Innovation, which brings together the R&D expertise of the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS) and GlaxoSmithKline, helped convince GSK to invest $60 million in new manufacturing facilities in Melbourne.