Early and Mid-Career Researchers' committee at the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The MIPS EMCR committee can be contacted at  pharm-emcr-committee@monash.edu

The early and mid-career researchers' committee at the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences promotes specialised programs, exchange of scientific ideas and new collaborations for the benefit of researchers in the faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences. Each theme within MIPS has representatives on the committee who meet regularly to discuss needs, current issues and feedback of early and mid-career researchers.

The MIPS EMCR committee aims to:

  • Provide support and assistance to researchers by organising specialised training programs and workshops.
  • Organise networking events to provide an opportunity for multi-disciplinary collaborations across themes.
  • Organise public events focussed around research at MIPS and science outreach.

Dr Nicholas Veldhuis


Nik completed his PhD at Melbourne University and joined the MIPS EMCR committee to meet new faculty researchers and further the professional support and collaborative network in the local Parkville EMCR community. His current research interests include drug discovery for pain and inflammation, receptor trafficking in compartmentalised signalling and finding novel strategies for drug delivery.

Dr Ximo Sanchis

Vice president

Ximo completed his PhD in Organic and Supramolecular Chemistry at the University of Valencia in Spain. His research focusses on Polymer Therapeutics (design of nanomaterials that can deliver therapeutic drugs directly to a disease site). He joined the EMCR committee to put into practice some of his ideas to unite and facilitate networking between other EMCRs. For him, multidisciplinary interaction and communication is essential to generate creative ideas. He is teaching, for the 4th consecutive year, the EMCR Spanish language course to facilitate a friendly networking environment. He is a big fan of colourful Trello boards and has introduced them to the committee.

Dr Gregory Stewart


Greg completed his PhD in Molecular Pharmacology with Professors Arthur Christopoulos and Patrick Sexton through Monash University. He then moved to France to work in the laboratory of Dr Jean-Phillipe Pin on understanding GABAb receptor complexes and post-translational modifications. He then returned to MIPS to take up a position with Dr Chris Langmead in collaboration with a pharmaceutical company, Servier. He is currently the project leader for Translational Neuroscience within the Langmead group, which specialises in CNS orphan GPCRs and their role in psychiatric disorders.

Dr Elva Zhao


To Elva science is about imagination and curiosity. Research gives her the opportunity to use her knowledge to decipher the unknown. She received her PhD from The University of Western Ontario, Canada. Her research interests are biased signalling and regulation of family B GPCRs, and how these complex events can translate into human physiology and pathophysiology. She joined the EMCR committee because she likes meeting new people, contributing ideas and getting involved in social activities.

Dr Anubhav Srivastava

Outreach and Marketing Lead

Anubhav completed his PhD from the University of Glasgow where he studied the host-parasite interaction between red blood cells and malaria parasite. His current areas of interest are high-throughput detection of cancer biomarkers, erythroid metabolism and drug discovery and development for treating infectious diseases. He joined the MIPS EMCR committee to draw from his previous experiences and help develop and execute the plans put together for the benefit of the new and upcoming researchers at Monash Parkville. He is the point of contact for external stakeholders interested in the activities of the MIPS EMCR committee. He can be reached by email, phone or twitter.

Email: Anubhav.Srivastava@monash.edu

Phone: +61 (0) 414 786 721

Twitter: @EMCR_MIPS or @RUNubhav

Dr Andrew Clulow

Childcare coordinator/ personal support

Andy completed his PhD in fluorescent-based sensors for explosives detection at the Centre for Organic Photonics & Electronics at the University of Queensland. His subsequent research has focussed on the use of neutron and X-ray scattering techniques to unearth structure-function relationships in applied organic materials systems and he currently leads a team of researchers within the Boyd group investigating the influence of lipid digestion on molecular self-assembly and absorption of bioactives in the gut. Facilitating child care for the Parkville community is going to be one of the committee's key activities in the coming years and having recently become a Dad, Andy volunteered to act as the committee's point of contact for child care-related matters.
Andy has put together a comprehensive parents guide to find childcare in Australia to support new EMCRs joining the Monash research community. The guide can be downloaded from here. Any queries or suggestions can be sent to pharm-emcr-committee@monash.edu

Dr Ghizal Siddiqui

Event coordinator

Ghizal completed her PhD with Professor Brian Cooke at Monash University, Clayton and her main research interest was to characterise a set of novel kinases unique to malaria parasites. Ghizal is currently doing her postdoctoral research in Darren Creek's laboratory and her main research interest has been to investigate the mechanisms of action and resistance for artemisinin antimalarials. In addition to this, Ghizal has also been involved in leading the establishment of a new proteomics facility at MIPS of which she is the proteomics lead.  Since 2016, Ghizal has been a member of the Early Careers Researcher committee at MIPS and her current role in the committee is of an event coordinator.

Dr Girdhar Deora

Committee Member

Girdhar completed his PhD from The University of Queensland in Medicinal and biomolecular chemistry. He is currently involved in the Grants and Professional Development programs at the MIPS EMCR committee.

Dr Edwin Tan

Committee Member

Edwin completed his PhD at Monash University. His research interests are in pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacy practice and cognitive health and ageing. His current NHMRC-ARC Dementia Research Development Fellowship investigates the management of comorbidities in people with dementia. He represents the Centre for Medicine Use and Safety on the MIPS EMCR committee.