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A range of projects are available to students who would like to investigate the role of lymphatics in disease, or drug delivery to lymphatics to treat disease. Projects on therapeutics encompass a broad focus on formulation, drug delivery, lymph and plasma pharmacokinetic analysis, immunology and metabolism.


Collaborate with us

We love to collaborate with industry and academic groups.

Our key skills include:

  • formulation of poorly water soluble drugs (lipid based formulations and liposomes)
  • conducting plasma and lymph pharmacokinetic studies in rodents. This involves drug administration via various routes, cannulation of blood or lymph vessels and collection of blood/plasma and lymph samples to analyse drug concentrations
  • cannulation and collection of lymph draining different tissues in rodents (mesenteric, hepatic, cervical, inguinal and thoracic lymph duct)
  • HPLC and HPLC-MS/MS analysis of therapeutic concentrations in different tissues conducted in the HMST lab at MIPS
  • pharmacokinetic calculations and modelling
  • flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry and confocal microscopy conducted within the Imaging, FACS and Analysis Core at MIPS