What we do

Medicinal Chemistry comprises expertise in structure-based drug design, fragment-based drug discovery and structure-activity guided medicinal chemistry. Many projects also involve considerable synthetic/organic chemistry.

Medicinal Chemistry is both fundamentally focused and translational. Work is completed in a multidisciplinary, iterative feedback cycle of design, synthesis and biological testing. The objective is to optimise the potency, selectivity and bioavailability of a compound, while minimising side effects.

Capabilities also exist in:

  • optimising existing drugs through the study, identification and synthesis of metabolic products and related compounds
  • developing chemical probes to study the molecular basis of disease, identify potential new drug targets and improve disease diagnosis

Medicinal Chemistry's research programs are supported by the Australian Research Council, the National Health and Medical Research Council, the US National Institutes of Health and other international funding agencies. Programs are also undertaken with key industry partners, including pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and leading research institutions.

Strategic initiatives

Medicinal Chemistry comprises research groups working in the following areas:

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