Clash Policy

Unsolvable clashes may occur if students are enrolled in units across different year levels.

  • Students should not enrol in units if the student cannot attend greater than two thirds (66%) of lectures for the unit clash.
  • Enrolment in units that create an unsolvable tutorial or practical class clash will not be permitted.
  • It is expected that a student with a lecture clash will catch up on missed work by accessing recorded lectures (where available) and lecture notes.
  • Where units have in-class assessments such as Keepad (clicker) questions during lectures, students with lecture clashes are responsible for contacting Unit Co-ordinators involved to make appropriate arrangements.

If the clashes are outside the above guidelines students should discontinue the later year unit that is causing the clash. If students choose to enrol in units that have clashes beyond the above guidelines they do so at their own risk.

Timetable clashes are not grounds for special consideration, nor are they considered an acceptable reason for unsatisfactory academic progress.

Approved at Education Committee meeting 2/2009. Updated for 1/2014.