Class exemption policy

Exemption from class activities and/or assessments for repeating students is discretionary. Such exemption (full or partial) is unit-specific and the final decision rests with the respective Unit Coordinator. However, there are exceptions:

  1. Any student who has a conditional enrolment as a result of an Academic Progress Committee hearing will not be eligible for a full or partial practical exemption.
  2. Any student taking a unit coded with a prefix of PHR or BPS will not be eligible for any class exemption as an overall course rule.
  3. Where class components have been changed and/or examined as part of the end of semester written examination (and if the repeat student is required to answer these questions in the paper), a class exemption should not be permitted as this may possibly disadvantage student’s performance in these questions.

For those units in teach out mode, if a practical exemption is granted, the Unit Coordinator will re-use the previous year practical mark (percent of assessment) to calculate the final unit mark.

Class exemption procedures

  1. Repeating students will be identified by Academic and Student Services prior to each semester. Academic and Student Services will request an exemption from the class activities and/or assessment components on the student's behalf. Students do not need to apply.
  2. The following repeating students will not be included: students with academic progress concerns, students enrolled in PHR or BPS coded units, and students enrolled in units that have changed significantly
  3. For units in teach out mode, the Unit Coordinator will make a decision concerning an exemption (full or partial) and notify Academic and Student Services. The Unit Coordinator will carry over and record previous marks as required depending on the exemption outcome.
  4. Students will then be informed of the class exemption outcome via their student email account at the time of the semester timetable release (usually the Tuesday before week 1).
  5. Upon receiving the email confirmation, students can contact the Unit Coordinator should they require further clarification about the exemption outcome or if they wish to reject the exemption and repeat the activity and/ or assessment.

Procedures updated and approved at Education Committee meeting 2/2018.