Elective units: Pharmacy

In third year of the Bachelor of Pharmacy course, students select an elective unit. There are three units to choose from in 2018. Some of these electives are quota restricted and have an application process, while some have no restriction on enrolment.

During the re-enrolment period, students are required to enrol into a semester 2 elective unit via WES. The two elective units that are run in semester 2 are:

How do I enrol in an elective?

During the re-enrolment period you must enrol in one of the above Semester 2 elective units via WES.

One of these units is quota restricted. Selection into PAC3542 is on a first-in, first-enrolled basis. Once the unit is full, you will not be able to enrol via WES and must select the alternative elective unit.

How do I enrol in a summer elective unit?

There is one summer semester elective unit. It is quota restricted and has a merit-based selection process:

Application for this unit is outside the online reenrolment process. For eligibility and application information see the summer elective unit information.

Even if you apply for the summer elective unit you must still enrol in one of the semester 2 elective units (PAC3512 or PAC3542) during the reenrolment period. If you are successful in securing a place in the summer elective, the faculty will amend your enrolment at that time.

What if I missed out on a semester 2 quota restricted unit? Is there a waiting list?

If you tried to enrol in PAC3542 Leadership and WES wouldn't let you, this means the unit is full.

If you would like to be placed on the waiting list for one of these units, please email the Undergraduate Coursework Manager with the following information:

  • Email title: Waiting list application for  PAC3542.
  • Email body: Your name, student ID, the unit code and title for which you wish to be considered.

Like the initial application process, the waiting list will be based on a first-in, first-on-the-list basis.

Please ensure that you have enrolled into another elective. If you are successful in getting a place the faculty will amend your enrolment at that time.