Over the first few weeks of semester you may hear or read a range of university terms that sound out of this world! We’ve cracked the code for you, and listed some of the most commonly used terms within Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Check out the full glossary of terms via the Get Started site.

Monash Connect

Any query can be lodged with Monash Connect, either online or in person. The Monash Connect service desk is located on the ground floor of the Sissons Building. Whether you need a replacement student ID, need information on special consideration, or would like information on your enrolment, the team at Monash Connect are here to help.


Online questions to Monash Connect can be submitted via Ask.Monash. A list of frequently asking questions can also be viewed here.


This is the learning management system used by Monash. It is where you engage with academic content online, and includes readings, quizzes, discussion forum, and unit and assessment schedules. We recommend that you access Moodle regularly before and during semester. Each course also has a specific Moodle site which includes key information, starting resources and discussion boards. Check out PharmHub if you are enrolled in Pharmacy, or PharmSciHub for Pharmaceutical Sciences students.


The Web Enrolment System (WES) is the administration portal between Monash and students, and is used primarily to enrol into units, update personal details, and apply to graduate. You can also view your academic transcript and access the pre-populated transport concession form.


Discover, Explore, Apply and Reflect – this is the model of learning utilised at Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Discover takes place during discovery which is when you do pre-reading. Explore takes place during lecture and Q&A activities where you delve into the content deeper. Apply relates to the application of knowledge learnt during applied learning workshops. Reflect formally takes place during Skills Coaching and informally during your own time.


Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCE) are assessments where pharmacy students interact with an acting patient and apply their knowledge in order to help their patients in an unknown scenario.


Study Without Teaching Vacation is the period after classes finish that you can dedicate towards private study before exams begin. This is a great time to review unit content and focus on areas where you need further study.