Parkville - Re-activation of Campus 2021

Updated 28 February, 2021

Students undertaking teaching activities on Campus must comply with Faculty, University and Government requirements as follows in order to ensure the safety and well being of everyone on Campus. Refer to the Monash University COVID-19 Fact Sheet for the latest advice, and note the following:

Prior to attending Campus

  1. All students returning to Campus in Semester 1, 2021 are required to complete the Reactivating Our Campuses - Compulsory OHS Module on Moodle. You must complete this module, even if you have completed a previous module, as this information provides current advice (5 minute video).
  2. Be aware and informed of the updated requirements provided in the Monash University COVID-19 updates.
  3. Check your Moodle teaching sites for updated information and requirements regarding specific teaching activities.
  4. Lab coats: Students must bring their own lab coats and ensure these are laundered prior to each class. If you need to purchase a lab coat or glasses contact or go to the MPSU FB page one week prior to your first scheduled class. Alternatively, you can also drop by the MPSU office (check opening hours), located on the ground floor, Scott Building, outside the student cafeteria.

If you are not well, do not come to Campus

  1. Get tested for COVID-19 if you have any of the following symptoms, however mild – fever, chills or sweats, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, loss of sense of taste or smell – and stay home until you’ve received a negative result. For information about testing, visit the Department of Health and Human Services website.
  2. If you are unwell, and unable to attend your allocated teaching activities, contact Scheduling Operations using the Allocate+ Help form. Do not email faculty academic or support staff directly.

When you are on Campus

  1. Update 28 Feb - Face masks:
  2. In line with government advice, face masks will no longer be mandated in offices, teaching spaces, libraries, Monash Sport, or other inside locations on campus, except for when visiting the Campus Centre, Clayton, University Health Services or travelling in a Monash vehicle (including intercampus buses) – however, you must carry one at all times.

    When physical distancing of 1.5 metres cannot be maintained, it’s strongly recommended you continue to wear a face mask both indoors and outdoors.

    A Personal Protective Equipment Vending machine is available in the Manning Building, opposite the library, where face mask and hand sanitiser can be purchased.

    Students are required to bring their own masks. A face mask includes any paper or textile mask designed or made to be worn over the nose and mouth. The use of scarves or other face coverings is not acceptable. Please dispose of masks in the waste bins (regular bins).

  3. Contact tracing: Monash students must have their student ID card with them at all times, and are required to swipe in when accessing buildings. Non-Monash students (eg students attending ITP from other universities) are required to use the QR code to gain access to buildings (support will be available on arrival on Campus). See below for full details regarding contact tracing, and the use of QR codes.
  4. Follow the instructions provided by staff and signs to enter teaching spaces (note floor arrows in labs) and student undertake lab classes are required to review the Laboratory Safety rules - Semester 2, 2020 (PDF, 0.09 MB).
  5. Students are required to wipe down tables on arrival, and before you leave each class, using the cleaning products provided in each space.
  6. Students must not congregate in groups outside teaching spaces or in public areas, and must only enter teaching spaces as allocated in the timetabled activities, or as provided on the doors outside each space (refer to use of spaces for social/group activities below).
  7. All classes start on the hour and finish at 10 minutes to the hour. Do not linger in spaces before or after class, move in and out of spaces quickly and safely, and use the entry and exit points as marked (where applicable).
  8. Use of lifts: only two people at a time are permitted in the lift.

Contact tracing: use of ID cards and QR codes

With the easing of restrictions across Victoria, and based on the Second step of the Victorian Government’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) roadmap, it is more important than ever for COVID-19 contact tracing procedures to be in place across all Monash Campuses. To assist with COVID-19 contact tracing, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) requires all staff, students, contractors and visitors who attend the Parkville campus to sign into each building.  To achieve this, the university will use Monash ID cards and QR codes to provide a hygienic and contactless method of tracking, as outlined below:

  • All Monash staff and students must individually swipe into a Monash building using their Monash ID (MPass) card. You do not need to use the QR code, if you have your ID card with you.
  • If you are a new student, or require a replacement card, please check the website for details on how to obtain a student ID card (MPass).
  • If you do not have your ID card with you on a particular day, you must use the QR code provided on the posters upon entry to the building as follows:
    • Instructions on how to use your mobile phone to capture the QR code, and complete the form are provided on the posters.
  • Each person must swipe in, or use the QR code, ensuring you do not allow your fellow students or colleagues to enter a building without first swiping in using their own card or completing the QR code requirements.
  • At this stage only building level access is required at the Parkville campus. However, if in future you are required to use the QR codes (posters will be placed on each space door) further details will be provided, and note the following:
    • Once you are inside a Monash building, if you see a QR code displayed on a poster when entering a room or space, scan it using your mobile phone and follow the prompts. 

Study and social spaces

  • Social spaces, including the cafes, are accessible, including access to fridges and microwaves, however you are required to follow the cleaning instructions provided in each area.
  • The CL Butchers Pharmacy Library is open Monday to Friday, 9.00 am - 5.00 pm, and available to all students. Support for loans and resources are now available on campus (for approved students) and online.

Student support - Monash connect

The Parkville Monash Connect counter is open from 9.00 - 5.00 pm weekdays to assist students with queries, student cards etc, refer the details online.


The student cafeteria food service will not be available until further notice, however we encourage all students to access local Cafe operators as follows:

  • Flipboard Cafe: Ground floor, Building 404, continues to provide great coffee and food service options.
  • Mornin' Vietnam: Walker Street, provides excellent Vietnamese take-away options.
  • Parkside Cafe: Walker Street, continues to provide takeaway coffees and a variety of food options.
  • Microwaves and fridges are available in the student cafeteria for students who wish to bring their own food. Fridges will be cleaned and all food disposed of on each Friday. Note that equipment must be wiped down prior to after use.