Academic progress

Academic Progress

The faculty reviews academic performance at the end of each semester. Students are considered to be at risk of failing their course if they have:

  1. Completed at least 2 semesters of enrolment in the course; and
  2. In the 12 months period commencing in December of the previous year, have
    1. passed less than 50% of the credit points in which the student is enrolled; or,
    2. failed the same compulsory unit twice; or
    3. failed to comply with any terms or conditions imposed by the dean or by an academic progress committee.

Mid-year assessment

If the faculty deems you to have unsatisfactory academic progress you will receive an early warning letter. The purpose of an early warning letter is to:

  • warn that you have breached, or may breach the faculty academic progress rules;
  • recommend that you contact your course director to discuss your progress;
  • inform you of the free support services available; and
  • encourage you to take steps to improve your academic performance.

The faculty also sends 'at risk' letters if you have failed a unit.

End-year assessment

If the faculty deems your academic progress at the end of semester two unsatisfactory, you will be sent a notice of referral letter. The purpose of notice of referral letter is to:

  • inform you that you have breached the faculty academic progress rules;
  • notify you that you will be considered for exclusion; and
  • inform you about the support services available.

If you receive a notice of referral letter you will be required to submit a written response indicating whether you intend to meet with the Academic Progress Committee (APC) or plan to withdraw from your course. At the APC meeting, the committee will decide on one of the following outcomes:

  • permission to continue studies with recommendations;
  • permission to continue studies, with a condition placed on enrolment; or
  • exclusion from the course.

The faculty also sends at risk letters and intervention letters at this time.