Credit transfer (including recognition of prior learning)

Credit is the recognition of previous study or learning that can be counted towards a qualification. This can reduce the number of units required to complete a course of study.

Credit transfer - Granting of credit towards a course, on the basis of a course or unit(s) previously completed at a recognised tertiary institution. This is based on equivalence in content and learning outcomes between matched qualifications.

Recognition of prior learning - Granting of credit towards a course, on the basis of non-accredited formal study such as professional development, on-the-job training or work experience or similar informal learning.


  • Some units may require a specific minimum mark to be achieved for credit to be granted. For example, credit for units PGC5101 Evidence based practice and MPH5020 Introduction to epidemiology and biostatistics can only be granted towards the coursework and research stream of the Master of Clinical Pharmacy (P6002) if the student achieved a minimum mark of 65%. Please refer to the Handbook for additional information.

Further information on applying for credit for prior learning is available here.

How to apply

  1. Apply online using the online credit application form.
  2. For units not completed at Monash University, you must provide all of the following documents relating to your previous course:

    - an academic transcript (original or certified copy) and key to the grading system (usually found on the back of the transcript).
    - an extract from the handbook, detailing the course structure and credit points (or equivalent weighting of the course).
    - a unit syllabus including unit synopsis, assessment requirements, numbers of hours and textbooks used for each unit you're seeking credit for.

When to apply

Where credit has not been assessed prior to enrolment in the course, students must apply for credit by the end of the first week of their first semester of study. Credit may still be assessed for late applications, but there is no guarantee that the course structure will permit it to be granted.


The faculty will notify you of the outcome of your credit assessment via email.