Intermission (study leave)

Enrolled students who want to take study leave may apply for intermission for up to 12 months (one full year or two semesters).

If you want to apply for intermission:

Note: Intermission is different to deferment. Deferment is for new students who have been made an offer for a course at Monash University, who wish to postpone their enrolment for that course. There is a separate deferment application form [pdf72kb]. Approvals are not guaranteed.

Studying during an approved intermission period

Students should not take intermission in order to further their studies at another institution. Any studies undertaken during the intermission period will not be credited towards your current Monash degree.

Intermission extension

You will only be able to extend a period of intermission beyond the initial 12 months on the basis of exceptional circumstances. A written request outlining your circumstances must be provided to the Postgraduate Coursework Office in support of your application.