Enhanced Research Experience - Apply for funding

Enhanced Research Experience (ERE)

All PhD students who commenced from 2017 onwards have access to one of four enhanced research experiences in addition to the research and skills training components of your degree.

  1. Laboratory Rotation

    Start your candidature with three coordinated rotations in different laboratories. These rotations may be aligned to a preferred project or reflect a range of disciplines you wish to explore before selecting your project and supervisor for the rest of your PhD.

  2. Interdisciplinary Research

    You will rotate through at least complementary discipline areas, allowing you to conduct your PhD research at the interface of those areas. This may involve supervisors from other departments, faculties or institutions.

  3. Placement Program

    Undertake a placement in an external institution, potentially internationally, gaining experience in a different research environment

  4. Joint Award PhD Program

    Undertake a joint international PhD program with our top ranked UK university partner, The University of Warwick.

ERE Funding Support

To support you with the costs of your ERE, each PhD student has access to a total of up to $13,000 funding.

Funds may be used in a variety of ways such as:

  • To cover travel costs to and from an interstate/overseas placement and related accommodation/living costs
  • Lab supplies/consumables that are directly related to your ERE
  • If you have lost time as a result of completing your ERE (i.e. you undertake the laboratory rotation ERE, or there are other exceptional circumstances), you can use this fund to extend your stipend beyond 3.5 years (up to a maximum of 6 months).

The $13,000 allocation is ONLY for your ERE and cannot be used for purposes outside of this e.g. conference attendance, scholarship extension that does not include the ERE etc.

Apply for ERE funding

To apply for ERE funding support, please complete the online application form - Enhanced Research Experience Application

Note: This funding is in addition to the Monash University Graduate Research Travel Grant that is available to all graduate research students.

Important Supplementary Information

Placement / Internship at External Research Facilities

Graduate Research students undertaking research principally at a research site other than Monash University (e.g. hospital, laboratory, commercial or governmental research organisation, another university etc.), must consider and discuss the following with their Main Supervisor at the beginning of the placement planning phase:


For further information, please contact Karen Drakatos (Graduate Research Coordinator) (P. 9903 9203  E. karen.drakatos@monash.edu )