Graduate research students undertaking research principally at a research site other than Monash University (e.g. hospital, laboratory, commercial or governmental research organisation, another university etc.), must consider and discuss the following with their supervisor:

  1. Talk to your supervisors to ensure relevant contractual arrangements are in place (incl. intellectual property)

  2. Check the pre-placement requirements when working with patients

  3. Complete the OHS placement health and safety checklist (host organisation)

    Arrange for the host organisation to complete and sign the Placement health and safety checklistprior to commencement of the placement/internship.

    Access the host organisation checklist here.

    • Upload completed and signed checklist to your application for study away / attendance variation (see below)

    Discuss any concerns with your supervisor or seek advice from your Parkville campus Safety Officer, Graduate Research Co-ordinator or Research Theme Leader.

  4. Apply for the relevant faculty and university approval

    You must ensure to upload the completed and signed OHS placement health and safety checklist (host organisation) to your application.

    • Note if you have enrolled by external mode from the commencement of your graduate research program please complete the OHS placement health and safety checklist (host organisation) and email it to
  5. Arrange transport and complete the travel plan (where applicable)
    • Travel plan (compulsory for all students requesting overseas travel)

  6. Book accommodation (where applicable)

  7. Complete the OHS student induction checklist
  8. Student and host supervisor to complete the Student induction checklist ideally on the first day of the placement/internship.

Access the student induction checklist here.

  • Faculty Research Office staff will review and upload the checklist to your original study away/attendance variation application
  • For students enrolling as external candidates, your checklist will be retained on your student file