Clubs and societies

The Parkville campus has a variety of course, community, music, social clubs and societies available for you to join. The Monash Parkville Student Union (MPSU) supports each of the clubs and societies on campus.

Parkville International Students Association - PISA

Parkville International Students Association (PISA) is the official representative for all international students at Monash University, including undergraduate, graduate and exchange students. We understand that settling down in Australia can be stressful, and that’s where we come in. Our aims and objectives are to advocate for the needs and interests of all international students on various topics, including: Student welfare, Quality education, Networking, Work rights, Travel and Accommodation. We share the unique, greatly-diverse cultural background of Parkville Campus with the Monash community at a cultural, academic, and social level. Navigate through our PISA Facebook page for more details about many exciting activities and events held throughout the year that will enhance your University experience. Let us make your stay at Parkville a memorable one!

Course based clubs

Pharmaceutical Science Society – PSS

The Pharmaceutical Science Society endeavours to build a sense of community within Pharmaceutical Science students on the Parkville campus as well as assisting students during their course and beyond its conclusion.

Monash Engineering and Pharmaceutical Science Society – MEPSS

The MEPSS is a society designed for students studying the Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science double degree as well as those interested in joining the degree. MEPSS provides a variety of academic and social events to our members including our mentoring lunches, SWOTVAC BBQs, Networking Night, Alumni night, GSK site tours and more! It is our aim to ensure all of our members can build strong relationships with one another and prepare themselves for both the engineering and pharmaceutical industries. MEPSS provides numerous opportunities to have fun, make friends and prepare for life after university.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at

Victorian Pharmacy Students Association – VPSA

Pharmacy is a dynamic and international profession, and what a better time to discover the real world of pharmacy than now! There is more to uni than just lectures and textbooks – get involved and be active with VPSA, your link between student and professional life! Not only will you broaden your awareness of your future profession, but you will also broaden your mind and friendship circle locally, nationally and internationally! See more, learn more and discover more about pharmacy beyond the four walls of uni!

Community clubs

Association of South East Asian Nations – ASEAN

Standing for the Association of South East Asian Nations, ASEAN stand for providing students with an exciting, fun and friendly social experience at uni! We generally attract but are definitely are not restricted to young adult members of Asian descent, and we are at the forefront of bridging a social gap between the Australian-Asian community. We organise a huge selection of exciting and popular events, and work with other clubs. You'll have heaps of fun at our anticipated traditional and annual events, as well as a few premiere new events! Look out for our Summer Camp, Annual Ball, the ski trip, Cocktail Night and Poker Tournament!

Monash University Islamic Society – MUIS

MUIS Parkville aims to represent, support and provide for the needs of Muslim students at Monash Parkville campus. It invites both Muslims and non-Muslims alike to partake in the variety of social, cultural and spiritual events to be offered throughout the year.

Contact MUIS Parkville using this facebook page

Music at Parkville – M@P

M@P aims to provide opportunities for students to display their musical talent.  Rehearsals, performances and other activities are organised and held constantly on campus which allows students to share their passion in music with peers.

Parkville Games Club – PGC

Parkville Games Club is all about gaming. Whether you're a hardcore Candy Crush player, a chess master, an avid Fifa professional, or a retro gamer, this is the place for you. Founded in 2016 and the newest club on the block, PGC has been bringing friends together and encouraging students and staff to take a mental break from their work to enjoy themselves.
Join PGC and take part in fortnightly Dungeons & Dragons sessions, fortnightly board and video games night with free Pizza, monthly competition nights! Plus many other events over the course of the year.
You can find our facebook page at: We will post our upcoming events and updates there!

Power to Change – PTC

Power to Change is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian club at Monash Parkville. We enjoy fellowship between Christians and non-Christians alike, giving people the chance to investigate Christianity and experience change, growth and the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives. We aim to raise up fervent followers of Christ, through prayer, evangelism and discipleship, and have an array of social events designed to teach people about the message of Christ, and the hope He inspires for students, in their vast, uncertain and exciting futures. You can get involved in our events throughout the year: free food events, mid-year outing, inter-campus prayer etc. Be sure to check out our weekly meetings to know more about us!

Contact Power to Change Monash Parkville using this facebook page

Working In Leading Development for Indigenous and Rural Education – WILDFIRE

WILDFIRE is a multidisciplinary club with members coming from most campuses of Monash University, and the Rural Clinical Schools. We aim to raise awareness of the issues facing rural and indigenous Australians and to promote the positives of going rural. We are also able to provide support to students going on rural placements. WILDFIRE also belongs to the National Rural Health Students Network (NRHSN), a multidisciplinary Network aiming to increase the health workforce and health outcomes for rural and remote Australians. Through the NRHSN, students can also apply for funding to attend Conferences of National Significance (CoNS).

More information

To join a club, or to propose a new club within Monash Parkville, please contact MPSU.