Update your study skills

In this section you will find information about:

  • Resources that can help you improve your academic performance and learning skills
    1. Language and Learning Online
    2. Learning Support for Off-Campus learners
    3. Monash Library - Research and learning skills
    4. Monash Library - Essay writing in Health Sciences
  • Academic integrity
  • Citing and referencing
  • Endnote

Please take the time to read through the on-line resources suggested in this page. They have been designed to help you improve your academic outcomes.

Completing the online tutorials and interactive exercises will also assist you to make the most of your study time and will help you to excel.

Resources that can help you improve your academic performance

1. Language and Learning Online is a collection of resources designed to help you improve your academic performance. These resources include online tutorials, interactive exercises, and examples of writing for Subjects.

The following pages will help you with different aspects of your study:

  • Effective Reading - will help you to work out what kind of text you are reading, help you question the text and guide you towards different kinds of reading strategies.
  • Writing - will provide you with information on academic writing, editing, proofreading and citing, and will help you structure and present your written work at the level expected of postgraduate students
  • Speaking - will help you prepare to discuss topics, ideas and information with other students and your tutors
  • Listening - provides guidance on topics such as preparing for lectures and practical note taking tips
  • Study skills - will help you set realistic timeframes, manage your tasks, monitor yourself, and provide you with tips on working towards a good work/life/study balance
  • Grammar - will assist you to learn about communicating clearly and writing in a way that enables you to convey your thoughts to the people you are speaking (or writing) to

2. Learning Support for Off-Campus learners is a suite of websites designed to help you improve/update your academic skills and performance.

There are two main sections of the website:

  • Your approach to off-campus learning (topics include: IT skills, independent learning, organising study, research skills, postgraduate learning and maintaining the effort)
  • Improve your academic outcomes (topics include: independent study, organising your study, interacting with lectures, assessment, reading, research and writing, among others)

Learning Support for Off-Campus learners also has sections on a wide range of important academic research issues such as referencing, plagiarism, and academic English.

3. Monash Library - Research and learning skills is a helpful website that offers you a range of study resources and activities, including self-paced tutorials, library guides and online course materials to help you improve your performance and progression through your course.

image of the library resources and activities page

The Library also offers the services of a Learning skills adviser who can assist you in improving your academic language, performance and approaches to study. 10-15 minute drop-in consultations with a learning skills adviser and/or librarian are available to all students from week 2 to SWOT Vac.

4. Monash Library - Essay writing in Health Sciences is a tutorial designed for students enrolled in Health Science disciplines such as nursing and wound care. It covers academic writing, focusing on the essay as the most common type of writing you will be asked to do in your course. Topics include: analysing the assignment task, planning your essay, structuring your essay, organising your ideas in the body of the essay, connecting ideas in the body of the essay, writing good conclusions and editing.

Academic Integrity

The Academic Integrity section will present you with interactive online modules to assist in developing the knowledge and skills you need for good academic practice.

This set of modules will teach you:

  • The definition and ethical principles of academic integrity
  • Practical and cognitive skills to ensure integrity in your academic work
  • Types of plagiarism, how it occurs and how it can be avoided
  • The definition of collusion and how it relates to academic integrity
  • Consequences of academic misconduct and where to find help if needed

To do:complete the interactive online modules

Remember, as a Monash student, you are required to:

  • undertake studies and research responsibly and with honesty and integrity
  • ensure that academic work is in no way falsified
  • seek permission to use the work of others, where required
  • appropriately acknowledge the work of others
  • take reasonable steps to ensure other students can't copy or misuse your work
  • submit an assessment cover sheet with any assessable work

Demystifying citing and referencing

This online tutorial is designed to help you learn the principles of citing and referencing, and understand how to avoid plagiarism when integrating source material.

To do:
complete the online tutorial

End Note

End Note is a referencing tool that helps you managing citations, references and bibliographies for your assignments. End Note can be downloaded from the library (online tutorials are available).

Please note that it is not compulsory to use End Note. However, if you decide to use End Note you need to be aware that you are responsible for correctly typing in the information initially, and it is also your responsibility to check that your reference list is correct before submitting your work.

It is also important to note that Faculty staff do not have any input into the contents of the End Note tutorial, nor is it the responsibility of the unit moderators/advisors to assist you with End Note in any way. Please contact the library if you require assistance of any kind with End Note.