Access to units and course material

In this section you will find information about:

  • Access to units - Moodle access dates
  • Course material
  • Unit workload requirements
  • Unit Moderators/Advisors
  • The role of Unit Moderators/Advisors
  • Communicating with Unit Moderators/Advisors (email, announcements, forums)

Please take the time to read through the on-line resources suggested in this page. They have been designed to help you improve your academic outcomes.

Completing the online tutorials and interactive exercises will also assist you to make the most of your study time and will help you to excel.

Access to units - Moodle access dates

All units are delivered online via Moodle. Access to your Moodle sites is only available 1 week prior to the commencement of the unit(s) you are enrolled in, through the portal.

When you log into, the units you are enrolled in will be visible to you. These units will remain visible for the semester and a short period afterwards enabling you to retrieve marked assignments and grades. If you lose visibility of your units during  semester,  it  is  essential that you contact the eSolutions Help Desk immediately. The main reason for losing visibility and access to units is non-payment of fees so please ensure that you stay up to date with your payments.

To do:check your unit(s) Moodle access date(s) on our Course material and Moodle access page

Course material

Course material (course notes and course reader) is generally available online via Moodle for download. In some cases, the course material will be sent to you in hard copy, by mail, approximately 1-2 weeks prior to the start of teaching of the unit(s) you are enrolled in.

To do:
check the page Course material and Moodle access dates to find out whether hard copy material will be sent for a particular unit and when it can be expected

Reasons why your course material might not be delivered on time:

  • Incorrect or incomplete personal information on your enrolment record (e.g. address, name)
  • Late changes to your enrolment details (e.g. adding units close to the start of the semester)

To ensure you receive your course material on time, check your personal information via WES (and update if necessary).

Unit workload requirements

You should allow 1 to 2 hours per credit point per week of scheduled study time. This includes reading time and participation in tutorials or discussion groups, research and preparation for assignments. Try to balance this out across the semester, as some tasks will obviously be weighted more heavily  at  different  times  during the semester (e.g. essay writing).

There is a set timeframe for covering the material and it will be assumed that you have access to the resources you need every week during semester. This includes computer and internet access, as well as the ability to undertake set tasks each week, for example finding relevant patient cases to contribute  to  discussion.  If  you are unable to complete required tasks you will need to request an extension from your unit coordinator or you may be required to apply for in-semester special consideration.

Unit Moderators/Advisors

Each unit has a unit moderator/advisor (or team of unit moderators/advisors) associated with it. Each unit moderator/advisor has being allocated to a tutorial discussion group. As a student, you have also been allocated to a discussion group. Allocation information will be given to you 1 week prior  to  the  start  of teaching of the unit(s) you are enrolled in.

Role of the Unit Advisor

The role of the Unit Advisor is to facilitate your learning by:

  • Guiding the tutorial discussions (if necessary)
  • Answering general queries or specific questions related to assessment tasks
  • Marking and giving feedback on assessment tasks in a timely manner

Communicating with Unit Moderators/Advisors

The main means of communicating with unit moderators/advisors within Moodle are:


Announcements can be located as ‘Latest news' in the right hand side bars of your Moodle Home screen. These announcements are not deleted and will remain in the Announcement section as long as you are enrolled in the unit.

Image of latest news link in moodle page


Forums are also located in the right hand side bars but within your Moodle unit page. Forums are discussion groups that can be used for small group or whole of class communications.

Image of forumms link in moodle page

You may encounter different types of forums:

  • The Announcements Forum is a special Forum in which Lecturers publish announcements that are also forwarded as emails to everyone in the unit. You will also see notification of these announcements in the "Latest News" block, and on your My Home screen if you have notifications set in your    profile
  • Standard forums allow users to post and reply to discussion threads. The Q&A forum requires you to post your thoughts before you can see what others have written. Some forums have a limit on how many posts you can make

Email communication:

Email communication with your unit moderator/advisor is also available via Monash email. However, we suggest that you check the announcement and forum sections in Moodle before sending emails, as the information you maybe looking for could have already been posted there.

Please note that Unit Advisors work on a part-time/casual basis and therefore may not answer your questions immediately. He or she may only access Moodle and Monash email two to three times per week. If you have an urgent question or problem when your Unit Moderator/Advisor is not available, please  contact  your Course Director by email or phone.